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The Exciting Antique Appraisal Slots

For those who love going to Antiques Collection Shows then Antique Appraisal Video Slots game suit you most. The bonus method applied on this slots game have something to do with evaluating antiques. This video slot machine offer two exciting bonus games, a scatter bonus round, and a large jackpot prize.

Antique video slot machine was designed by International Gaming Technology through its subsidiary division, Game King.

Antique Appraisal slot machine is a 5-reel with 9 paylines. It offers 10,000 coins as top jackpot prize. The utmost wager varies from one control to another. Many casinos have acquired the 15 paylines version of these video slots. The 15 paylines game do have the same mechanism as its sister the 5-reel, 9 paylines games. They have the same maximum wager and equal jackpot prize amounts.

Antique Appraisal video slot games do have a scatter icon that is useful in a bonus game. The scatter bonus game is activated when there appear on the screen 3 or more Slot Machine icons. For that lucky spin, the bonus cash is multiplied by 600 times the amount of the original wager.

The Real Find is another bonus game available to players. When 3 Real Find symbols land on the first 3 reels of an active payline, this bonus game is triggered. This bonus game is a two-tier activity.

In the first stage of this two-tier bonus game, you choose the genuine antique from among the counterfeit-laced group. On the next stage, the player picks the most expensive antique. If you are lucky enough to select the right antique, you receive a big number of coins. This bonus game gives you the chance to win from 15 to 250 coins.

Another Antique Appraisal slot bonus game is the Ask the Expert bonus round. This bonus game is triggered when the first 3 reels on an active paylines show 3 Ask the Expert symbols. When this set up occurs, you're given a choice to pick an antique to be assess.

You select one from these antiques and also pick one Records of Authenticity. At this time, an antique expert will show up to evaluate your antique. If you're satisfied with the appraisal, then you can have it and take the equivalent credit value.

You can also refuse the assessment and demand another appraisal. But this time, you must acquire the assess value offered.

The jackpot amount on an Antique Appraisal slots is a whooping 10,000 coins. Landing on the last (9th or 15th ) payline triggers the availability of this jackpot pot, provided that payline has the maximum wager.

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